You Scratch My Back and I’ll Scratch Yours

Download this idiom of the week and I’ll download yours! Let’s help each other out! You do a favor for me and I’ll do a favor for you.; If you do something for me that I cannot do for myself, I will do something for you that you cannot do for yourself. I’ll grab the box on the top shelf if you will creep under the table and pick up my pen. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. DOWNLOAD

Easy Peasy

Download this idiom of the week is very easy. It’s easy peasy! Grab it now! The first citation for the phrase–whose non-rhyming American equivalent is easy as pie–is from 1976, but it originated some years before that in the expression easy peasy lemon squeezy, which may or may not have originated in an advertising slogan for the “washing-up liquid” Lemon […]

Pigging Out

Feeling a bit hungry? How about pigging out on this idiom of the week? To eat more (of something) than is normal, healthy, or recommended, especially in a ravenous or gluttonous manner. Once a month, my friends and I get together, pig out on pizza, and watch cheesy horror movies. I’ll just have a salad. I’ve been pigging […]

Get the Ball Rolling

Get your lesson rolling with this idiom of the week! Get the ball rolling To set something, often a process, in motion; to begin. I think it will be easier to become comfortable driving now that I’ve gotten the ball rolling with driving lessons. I’ll get the ball rolling with the icing while you mix the batter. DOWNLOAD

Funny Business

  There’s plenty of funny business going on with this idiom of the week! Check it out! Funny business Deceit, treachery, unethical conduct. For example, We suspect their outfit has been up to some funny business. [Colloquial; c. 1880] ˈFunny business (informal) something that is suspicious and probably illegal or dishonest: Now, behaveyourself! I don’t want any of your funny business. ♢ If there’s any funny business going on, we’ll soon find out. DOWNLOAD

Crack Up

You will “crack up” over this funny idiom of the week! Meaning Burst into laughter. E.g. “she tries to keep a straight face, but she keeps cracking up” synonyms: burst out laughing, dissolve into laughter, roar with laughter, shake with laughter, laugh uncontrollably, guffaw, be doubled up, split one’s sides, hold one’s sides DOWNLOAD  

Bird Brain

A fun Idiom of the Week Powerpoint with video! Bird-brain A person who lacks intelligence or who makes stupid decisions. You’re such a bird-brain. I can’t believe you got stranded on the highway because you didn’t put enough gas in your car! Birdbrain 1. n. a stupid-acting person. I’m such a birdbrain. I forgot my driver’s license, officer. 2. andbirdbrainedmod.stupid. Look, you birdbrained idiot, you are dead wrong! DOWNLOAD

Hit the Nail On the Head

Teach your students what to say when someone gets something exactly right. hit the nail (right) on the head 1. Lit. to strike a nail precisely on the head with a hammer. If you expect to drive a nail straight, you have to hit the nailon the head. 2. Fig. to do exactly the right thing; to do something in the most effective and efficient way. You’ve spotted the flaw,Sally. You hit the nail on the head. Bob doesn’t say much, but every now and then he hits the nail right on the head. DOWNLOAD